Friday 16 February 2018

Notabene - NotaBene (2005)

The debut album from this Italian band.

Notabene was a sextet with a lineup of violin, trumpet, bass, drums, guitars, vibraphone, percussions, flute, programming, keyboards and Italian vocals.

Notebene is one of those Italian bands from the 1990s who arrived slightly before Rock Progressive Italiano (RPI) became popular again. It is down to archeologists, like myself and likeminded men and women, to dig up and give attention to these bands and their albums.

Notabene released two albums. I will review their second album next week/you will find my review of their second album somewhere else in this blog.

Notabene's music is not straight forward RPI. Well, it starts out like a pretty straight forward RPI with some really great vocals. It is not great music, but it is still RPI.

Then something strange happens......... We get some chamber folk rock, chamber rock and some very jazzy symphonic prog. The trumpet adds a lot of weirdness to this album.

There is some Area resting over this album and there is a lot of Banco too resting on this album. I am intrigued to say at least.

The music is not great. But this fifty-four minutes long album, which includes a hidden track at the end, is still a good album and I have duly noted their name. Notabene deserves a lot more attention.

3 points

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